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take back your time and scale your recruiting quickly and seamlessly




A More efficient way to Engage Technology recruiters

evaluate and hire candidates fast

We are a recruiting as a service marketplace platform that helps you evaluate and engage high-performing agency recruiters.  Both jobs posted and recruiters on the platform are closely vetted to ensure success.  Using performance ranking, we connect you with the best performing recruiters.  The platform streamlines the recruiting process and saves you valuable time while helping you make better hiring decisions.  

Consolidate Agency Recruiters

Consolidate agency recruiters to work under the same terms on a single platform. Direct soliciting agencies to be vetted and onboarded by TalentCapture.

Scale Recruiting Efficiently

Save time by easily assigning requisitions to specified agency recruiters. Manage who can see and work on your roles.

Evaluate Agency Recruiters

Research agency recruiters on TalentCapture and easily manage communication, candidates submittals and performance in one place.

Preferred Recruiters

Had a great experience? Save any recruiter to your Preferred list and have the ability to send them new TalentGram requests at any time.

The Power of Analytics

An easy way to quickly engage the best recruiters by reviewing detailed analytics, a scoring system, and reviews from candidates and hiring managers.

Making A Difference

We are blessed and want to give back. From your settings, select the charities you want a portion of your payments to be contributed to.

Agency Split Fee Network

Agency recruiters collaborate together to successfully place candidates with the same great functionality available to employers.

Hire Smarter and Faster

Transactional recruiting is a crapshoot. Our business model allow you to scale your hiring smarter and quicker.

Managed Services

Save substantial time and let us manage all your recruiting from start to finish to scale your hiring quickly and substantially lower your cost.

Sue Ebrahim

Owner at Hire Talent

“There are several sites available for agency recruiters to find new clients and opportunities to recruit for.   As a self-employed recruiter, my time is money.  TalentCapture knows I will deliver and has helped me engage with some great clients.  The Split-Fee-Network is an added bonus where I have successfully placed candidates.  I know I am collaborating with experienced successful recruiters who have been closely vetted.”

Nooshin Yazhari

CEO at Optimum Consulting

“If you are looking for experienced recruiters in the technology space, TalentCapture is your answer.  They consistently deliver great talent, and the time saving  features  of TalentCapture make it a one stop solution for my technology hiring needs.  TalentCapture has done a great job of bringing value to both employers and the agency recruiters.”


Is there a cost for Employers?

For employers who prefer to manage their own agency recruiters, the platform including all features is free.  When you successfully hire a candidate presented through TalentCapture, you pay the contingency fee percentage you set.  The other option is we will manage agency selection and communication for you .  Cost is priced per search.

How does talentcapture attract recruiters?

Today there are thousands of experienced freelance recruiters working from home.  Often the biggest challenge is branding and finding new clients, and for hiring managers finding and evaluating these experienced recruiters is a challenge.  TalentCapture carefully screens recruiters, and then pays the highest commission of any recruitment agency management platform.

Is there a cost for agency recruiters?

To respond and recruit for Employer TalentGrams, it is free for agency recruiters.  The fee percentage the agency is paid is listed on the TalentGram. The TalentCapture Split Fee Network is free for an introductory period and then there are two monthly subscription options.  

Will TalentCapture integrate with my internal Applicant Tracking System?

Of course this easy enough to achieve.  If you want this feature, as long as there are the proper API’s available for your ATS provider, this can easily be accomplished.  Inquire for more details.