Reaching Company Goals is directly tied to your talent strategy

Focus on talent optimization while working with the best recruiters in your industry to propel your growth

A holistic approach to talent acquisition

The traditional approach to working with external recruiting agencies is for the most part transactional.  You provide the job description and the recruiter gets a general understanding of your culture before headhunting candidates to present.  Eventually you hire someone.  Sometimes it works out great.  Other times not so well.  What is the cost when a candidate you hire doesn’t work out?  Often the fee you paid is not refunded and you lose thousands more in opportunity cost.  What about the revenue lost (Cost of Vacancy) for a position that goes unfilled?   

  • The Undercover Recruiter found the bottom-line costs are as much as $840,000 for a middle manager earning $62K per year fired after 2.5 years
  • 75% of open positions is the result of replacing employees who have left the company
  • 61% of executives say employees are terminated because they lack the behavioral fit or cognitive ability necessary for the job
  • For a role that pays a $150K annual salary, every 30 days it is vacant, a company loses on average $45K of revenue opportunity
  • 88% of companies fail to align their talent strategy with their business strategy

Introducing Talent Optimization.  Gain a clear understanding of how to align your business strategy to your talent strategy  and propel efficiency and execute better hiring decisions that lead to growth – using a proven methodology backed by science.  A huge investment in terms of results, but a small financial investment relative to the twenty-fold ROI with the first hire.  

Recruiting Platform As a Service

RPAAS (Recruiting Platform as a Service) is a managed service.  On this plan, a TalentCapture account manager will be your only point of contact.  After working with you to develop a talent optimization and acquisition strategy, we will then manage all aspects of the TalentCapture platform for you.  This includes selecting and managing the right agency recruiters, reviewing candidates, scheduling candidate interviews, administering profile assessments, checking references and weekly updates.  As the client, you will be able anytime to log into your account and review activity.

  • We help you develop compelling job descriptions and develop a clear picture of the best profile type for the role
  • Review powerful candidate assessment reports and gain an understanding of a candidate's profile
  • We identify and engage with the best agency recruiters to fill your roles
  • We manage a candidate's interview process from phone screen to hire
  • We communicate with candidates and recruiters on your behalf and provide full transparency
  • We guarantee a number of qualified candidates to review
  • Portion of all revenue goes to the charity of your choice

Self Managed

Enjoy all the features of managing your agency recruiters and candidates submissions.  This includes the ability to request candidate assessments.  The self managed account is a free account.

  • Automated AI based recruiter scoring system based on placement success in your industry
  • One uniform contract with TalentCapture gives you the ability to engage any member recruiter on the platform
  • Increase your productivity with powerful agency and candidate management features
  • Review a recruiter's placement history and client & candidate feedback
  • Have all communications and information organized in one place for future reference
  • View powerful analytics to see your top performing recruiters
  • Portion of all revenue goes to the charity of your choice